Smart tools for student success: Kiplinger interview with Balaji “Raj” Rajan

Updated: Jun 22, 2018


Just this week, Sandra Block, from Kiplinger's Personal Finance, spoke to Ceannate CEO, Balaji "Raj" Rajan for their September 2015 issue. In this insightful interview, Rajan weighs in on the challenges and consequences surrounding student loan debt, and How to Fix Student Loan Errors.

Since 2003, Rajan has been at the helm of launching four innovative companies, dedicated to students and institutions in the post-secondary education sector. In 2015 his team rolled out a fifth company, AuthenticAID, that partners with government agencies for payment integrity and fraud detection solutions. Rajan’s success as a Chief Executive continues via his accomplishments in three key areas:

Business and Social Entrepreneurship — Raj is responsible for the overall strategy of Ceannate and its subsidiary companies: Financial Management Systems, i3 Group, LLC, Iontuition, Inc., and AuthenticAID, Inc. Through his companies, he addresses student relationship and loan management challenges specific to distinct phases in the education loan lifecycle including: in-school and in-grace servicing, financial literacy, repayment optimization, delinquency prevention, default aversion, and debt resolution. Raj has developed a long-standing relationship with, and program expertise at, the Department of Education, revenue departments and other public agencies.

Product innovation — As a leading innovator in the student borrower assistance arena, and based on the perspectives of Ceannate having engaged in millions of student-borrower interactions, in 2011, Raj oversaw the conception, development, and implementation of Loanlook, now iontuition™, the first web-based platform to help student loan borrowers manage and plan repayment of their student loans. This year, iontuition launched ionMatch into a platform that helps college-bound students achieve ROI on their higher education.

Thought leadership and policy development — Raj has leveraged Ceannate’s expertise to inform Congressional public policy relative to financial literacy, financial aid practices, and student loan management by authoring three opinion pieces on those topics:  “Student Loan System Needs an Overhaul” (The Hill, January 7, 2014),  “How Congress Can Fix the Student Debt Crisis” (Roll Call, July 21, 2014), and "Proven Private-Sector Practices Can Bring Down Student Loan Defaults" (The Hill, March 6, 2015).

Read the interview here

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