FMS Employee, Laura Adkins, is Awarded USDA’s Highest ‘Honor Award!’

Schaumburg, IL October 11, 2007 – Laura Adkins, Senior Manager of Financial Management Systems’ Consulting Division was the recipient of the Secretary’s Honor Award from the Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Prior to joining Financial Management Systems, Laura was the Program Manager for the National Treasury Offset Program Work Group for the Food and Nutrition Service, USDA. Agriculture Secretary (Acting) Chuck Connor honored USDA employees from across the nation for exemplary service and achievements in the 60th annual USDA Honor Awards ceremony. The Honor Awards are the most prestigious awards given by the USDA.

The Honor Award presented to Laura was for “outstanding work by coordinating the activities of States with USDA and U.S. Treasury that lead to the recovery of over $1 billion in delinquent debts from improperly issued benefits in the Food Stamp Program.”

These recovered funds were returned to the Food Stamp Program to be re-issued to those in need. Through the U.S. Department of the Treasury Offset Program, Federal agencies and states can recover debts by offsetting Federal payments such as Federal income tax returns.

Laura leads FMS’ Consulting Operations and works with several Federal agencies and states to improve their collections through the Treasury Offset Program. Balaji Rajan, CEO of FMS, states about the award, “Laura’s work over the last 35 years in Federal service improved the quality of services provided to our citizens –. FMS is lucky and proud to have Laura lead our mission priority of adding value to government services and operations.”

About Financial Management Systems

Financial Management Systems is one of the fastest growing financial services firms that provide innovative services to government agencies, private sector firms, and citizens in the financial services industry. Its core businesses are debt collection for government agencies, private sector credit grantors and debt purchasers. FMS has 165 employees in three (3) locations and its national operations center is located in Schaumburg, Illinois. FMS provides best in class services by combining public-private best practices across all its business lines.

About AuthenticAID™: FMS provides this specialized service to Federal and State agencies to reduce payment errors and increase collections in government cash assistance and loan programs.

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