Completion of disaster recovery/business continuity testing

FMS simulated a mock disaster recovery and business continuity test on August 1, 2007 and completed this successfully. The backup site was FMS’ Sunguard hotsite. 

The test included hardware, software, telephony, and network data backups. These were considered the most critical components for business continuity in order to:

a. Restore the AS/400 Operating System, system related configuration and files, User ID’s, all Intelec™ application data, and user security authorities.

b. Redirect a toll free 800 number to receive inbound calls at the Sunguard backup site;

c. Recover encrypted network files from our backup vault.

All three of these recoveries were completed and fully tested for functionality and repeatability. Employee notification of disaster was not tested this time and involved only systems recovery.

While FMS’ requirement for recovery of critical systems is 48 hours, the critical systems identified in our DR Plan were recovered in less than eight (8) hours. Given this, FMS can rest assured that these systems will be available within a relatively short period of time in the event that a localized incident were to occur and require us to deploy the use of the Plan.

FMS will continue to work on our safeguards and backup plans to protect the integrity of data and to protect our ability to continue to serve the needs of our clients.

For further information, please contact: Brett Beckerman, Chief Information Officer Phone: 800-605-9817, extension 3006 Email: BBeckerman@FMSDC.COM Or myself at Phone: 800-605-9817, extension 4000 Email: Rajan@FMSDC.COM

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