About Ceannate Corp

Ceannate Corp. is a leading provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) services for government, private, and affiliated sectors. Education continues to evolve as one of the three key issues in the national consciousness along with Health and Welfare. Our goal is to provide key expertise in the financial environment surrounding education in the United States.


Our client’s customers are students. The needs of students are paramount to our success.


We do three things and lead the market in each of them:


Receivables Management of Education Portfolios

We are among the best at debt collection on education receivables for the U.S. Department of Education, colleges and universities, and for private lenders.


Education Loan Servicing

We assist colleges and universities reduce the default and delinquency of their students. We are the market leader today, and have over 500,000 students under service.


Improving Integrity of Government Payments

Our patented technology solutions have increased data accuracy and matching within Federal and State agencies. We have a clear understanding of our clients' goals and have the commitment and thought-leadership to ensure program integrity while improving results.


Our solutions are customized for each client 

We transfer and retain best practices, while tailoring processes for specific outcomes. The constant feedback loop between our client’s customers and our clients allows us to monitor results and make changes to our technology, approach, and outreach. Our engagement in our client’s success is total.