i3 Group

We focus on students


i3 Group provides a channel for schools to strengthen and sustain the relationship with the student. After millions of student-borrower interactions, we know that an established rapport is the key to meeting financial priorities.


Your students will never be asked for money or federal account credentials by an i3 Counselor. We help students find repayment options that fit their financial situations, connecting them directly to their servicer in the event they need to take action on their accounts.


Our solutions are built around your desired outcomes. We understand how important results are to your mission.


Our systems are designed and our people trained to address the portfolio management needs of the higher education sector.


Time and again, we have provided the thought leadership and tools needed to navigate an increasingly demanding regulatory environment.


In 2009, Ceannate launched i3 to serve colleges and universities. i3 products and services provide a student-centric response to regulatory and market-driven impacts to loan programs and administration. Our proprietary SaaS applications, including LoanAxis™ and IonTuition™, deliver needed intelligence to schools and user-friendly tools for their students via single platform loan management and relationship solutions.


i3 currently serves over 865,000 student-borrowers.



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